Black Bass

5-star hotel on the shores of Lake Annecy

01 / 07
Programme type Hospitality, Restaurant
Location Sévrier
Haute-Savoie (74), France
Delivery date 2019
Built area 1 902 m2

A transformed hotel

In 2018, the Lavorel Hotels group announced the acquisition of the Auberge de Létraz, a charming hotel located on the shores of Lake Annecy. After several months of work, the establishment has been completely transformed and has become the Black Bass Hôtel, a new trendy and unmissable place. 

Its new graphic identity and its concept in reference to the black bass, the fish of Lake Annecy, write a new page in the history of the Hotel.

Set in 6,000 m2 of parkland directly overlooking the lake, the Black Bass Hotel features 29 contemporary rooms, a bistro restaurant, a heated outdoor swimming pool, a spa with sauna, hammam and an indoor pool.

September 2018
Permit submitted
01 / 02

The Black Bass concept

Patriarche. has designed a hotel in harmony with its environment and geographical location. With the lake as a guideline, the shades of blue, the scales, the curves and the elements linked to the aquatic world create a singular atmosphere.

Lighting, furniture, decoration... references to the black bass fish can be found throughout the hotel's universe for a resolutely contemporary atmosphere.

In keeping with the hotel's clean decor and concept, each room has a name, a unique character and a dialogue with the lake.

Bart x Patriarche DB

The rehabilitation of the Black Bass Hotel is being designed and built by the Patriarche Group. The agility and transparency between the design (Patriarche, architects-engineers), real estate development (Bart) and construction (Patriarche DB, general contractor) teams enabled the project to be managed in a way that was always close to the client.