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Bart | Patriarche has staked out its position with new and innovative initiatives

Its vocation? Bart | Patriarche is deeply involved in local communities, taking a holistic and responsible approach that allows it to contribute to urban regeneration and develop stimulating, aesthetically-appealing and sustainable living spaces.

How do we do this? By developing programmes where quality of use and efficiency are designed for the long term, Bart | Patriarche promotes low-carbon real estate that is suited to all types of projects.

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A team of enthusiasts

Bart | Patriarche relies on a team of collaborators committed on several fronts: projects at various scales and on all types of programmes systematically at the service of its users. Beyond this constant quest to respond to usage, Bart | Patriarche is part of the Patriarche agency and as such is able to seek architectural quality and the highest respect for the environment in each project.

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An innovative approach

In order to simultaneously break new ground and ensure the success of projects, the teams take advantage of the Patriarche agency's multidisciplinary approach and proven collaborative practices. Developers, architects, engineers, economists, urban planners... cross their thoughts in creative workshops to propose ever more adapted augmented architecture solutions.

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Innovation in design

Bart | Patriarche seeks to understand but also anticipate the needs of its clients by trying to respond to the new ways of working (NWoW), moving around and living. This means innovating with the Patriarche teams to organise the scalability of spaces, in order to adapt to constant changes in use.

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Bart | Patriarche

Bart | Patriarche is a subsidiary company of Patriarche, an agency that brings together all the professions involved in augmented architecture: architecture, engineering, structure, energy optimisation, external works, landscape, project economics, construction management, environmental design, interior architecture and space planning, communication and graphic design, signage, etc.



Innovative project design

Bart | Patriarche takes an innovative approach to setting up real estate programmes by favouring co- development, transparency and a system of rapid decision-making amongst project stakeholders.


New uses

Favouring the comfort and well-being of future users requires a thorough knowledge of their needs (appropriate services) and habits (spaces, time scales, and the interweaving of work and private life, etc.).


Sustainable construction

Social cohesion and environmental protection have become decisive criteria for designing cities where people feel good.


Towards the digitisation of real estate

The new needs of users in the real estate sector are leading to both physical and digital responses. For example, applications are being developed to reduce vacancies and optimise the use of offices, auditoriums, car parks, meeting rooms, etc.

  • An accelerator for the local community
  • A mixed-use office building
  • A mixed real estate project in the Avignon Confluences district
  • A real eco-district project
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Le Natur
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