Yaki & Sugi

A mixed-use development at the gates of Geneva

01 / 04
Programme type Mixed Use, Offices, Shops
Location Ferney-Voltaire
Ain (01), France
Delivery date 2024
Built area 7075 m2

A cross-border and attractive territory

YAKI & SUGI are two business, office and service centres located in the heart of Greater Geneva and in the Ferney-Geneva Innovation ZAC, an ambitious urban project covering 65 hectares in the cross-border commune of Ferney-Voltaire.

They are ideally accessible, at 10 minutes from Geneva International Airport and 15 minutes from the Geneva train station.

A mixed and lively project

Innovative, link-building and sustainable, these two buildings are intended to combine uses to encourage exchange and collaborative work.

Built in mirror image on a landscaped plot of more than 9,800 m2, the two buildings each house 3,700 m² of office space, activity or service areas and premises for the public. Thanks to this diversity of use, YAKI & SUGI are tearing down boundaries to allow future users to work differently.

An architecture that serves multiple uses

The uses of today and tomorrow have guided the design of the project, which consists of two parts:

  • a square-shaped base comprising activity or service premises and areas open to the public
  • the floors of the building forming an "L" shape and housing, on 3 levels, the office floors, served by a central circulation core. All the premises are open to the outside: to a landscaped pedestrian forecourt or to large accessible terraces.
3rd quarter 2024
Delivery date of YAKI
4th quarter 2024
Estimated delivery date of SUGI
01 / 02

The energy performance of the Minergie label

With the energy performance of the Swiss Minergie label, these projects are fully in line with the Patriarche agency's approach to developing increasingly sustainable and environmentally responsible solutions.