Safran ISCE

Rehabilitation of offices into a research and technology centre for Safran

01 / 05
Programme type Industry, Mixed Use, Offices
Location Châteaufort
Yvelines (78), France
Delivery date 2018
Built area 15 892 m2

A design-build project for a mixed-use R&D building

This pilot unit is dedicated to the development of ceramic matrix composite materials for the Safran group. As the group's technological showcase, it will support R&D in the development of new materials by being able to aid their production on an industrial scale.

The building, with a surface area of more than 15,000 m², includes 12,000 m² of industrial production halls with highly technological processing equipment, including several CVI furnaces, the flagship of this project.

Flexibility of the building

Given the innovative nature of this new tool, the design of the project is based upon flexibility and a strong capacity to adapt to the evolution of the company and its technologies (materials and processes).

Décember 2015
Permit submitted
February 2016
Building permit obtained
September 2016
Start of construction
February 2018
Delivery date
01 / 04

Bart x Patriarche DB

Despite its rare technical complexity, the project was delivered in 18 months, without a single day's delay in relation to the group's commitments, and was carried out in a spirit of unfailing partnership with our client Safran Ceramics.

This industrial complex was designed and built by the Patriarche group. The agility and transparency between the design (Patriarche architects-engineers), real estate development (Bart) and construction (Patriarche DB, general construction entity) teams allow for a project management that is constantly oriented towards proximity with the client and the project stakeholders.