Safran Valence

Le Mistral, a mixed-use office and laboratory building

01 / 07
Programme type Industry, Laboratories, Mixed Use, Offices, Sport & Leisure, White rooms
Location Valence
Drôme (26), France
Delivery date 1er trimestre 2021
Built area 4 500 m2

4500 m2 of mixed spaces...

Located in the Rovaltain park, in the immediate vicinity of the Valence TGV train station, Le Mistral is a mixed-use office and laboratory project for Safran Electronics & Defence. It comprises a building with a patio and a panoramic terrace. The ground floor is made up of laboratories and clean rooms that meet the specific needs of the microelectronics business.

The building is arranged across three levels with reception areas, laboratories, shared workspaces (coworking), informal spaces (cubicles, etc.), meeting and training rooms and areas for relaxation and conviviality (cafeteria, terraces, etc.).

... that combine use and image

The Mistral has an elegant architecture with a contemporary signature: bioclimatic, sober and durable facades that contribute to the thermal comfort of the building. The laboratories have been designed to guarantee optimal maintenance and scalability. Versatility, adaptation and flexibility have guided the sustainable architectural design of this building. Functional, comfortable and bright workspaces will provide an exemplary working environment, adapted to the new ways of working and dedicated to the well-being of future occupants.

April 2019
Permit submitted
June 2019
Building permit obtained
August 2019
Start of construction
1st quarter 2021
Delivery date
01 / 04

An environmental commitment for Bart x Patriarche

The project, certified HPE Effinergie + 2013, was designed with an environmental approach: consideration of the positioning and orientation of the building on the site, performance of the envelope, efficiency of processes, reduction of energy consumption... The application of a green worksite charter has helped to reduce nuisances for local residents, workers and the environment.

An exemplary building for Safran

The construction of this new, low-energy and innovative project is part of the Safran Group's low- carbon policy:

  • HVAC system of the air-to-air heat pump type, with selective regulation by zone load shedding and energy recovery, particularly from the laboratories to the tertiary zones,
  • All-electric power source, avoiding the use of a fossil carbon source
  • Double flow ventilation with heat recovery
  • Local production of nitrogen without the need for a rotation of delivery trucks
  • Self-consumption photovoltaic plant, covering more than 30% of the needs of tertiary activities (excluding laboratories)
  • Automatic regulation of 100% LED lighting according to natural light and presence in the premises
  • Bioclimatic facades reducing heat transfer: free energy from the sun in winter and limited use of air conditioning in summer
  • Energy sub-metering and efficient centralized technical management (CTM) for future optimization.