Boiron Lille

2400 m2 of offices and laboratories

01 / 05
Programme type Laboratories, Mixed Use, Offices, Sport & Leisure
Location Villeneuve d’Ascq – Lille
Delivery date 2019
Surface constructed 2400 m²

2400 m2 functional and flexible space

The Patriarche teams designed and built an establishment with sober lines and durable materials, in compliance with the criteria of the Boiron laboratories.

As part of the project's co-construction process with the client, the office, logistics and laboratory spaces were clearly demarcated in a simple framework and with a fluid organisation of spaces.

More than 160 prefabricated white reinforced concrete panels were used for this project.

August 2017
Permit submitted
November 2017
Building permit obtained
December 2017
Start of construction
01 / 04

Bart x Patriarche DB

The Boiron laboratories programme in Lille was designed and built by the Patriarche group. This design-and-build project required one year of work. The agility and transparency of the design teams (architects and engineers of Patriarche), real estate development (Bart) and construction (Patriarche DB, general construction entity) allow for a project management oriented towards proximity and co-construction of the project with the client.