Campus Aivancity

A new lease of life for an old ENS Cachan building

01 / 03
Programme type Offices, Sport & Leisure
Location Cachan (94)
Val-de-Marne (94)
Delivery date August 2021
Built area 3 600 m2

Innovative educational spaces...

The Aivancity School for Technology, Business & Society is an innovative school for artificial intelligence. This private higher education institution has an ambitious objective: to train students for jobs in Artificial Intelligence and invent the technology of tomorrow. This renovation project houses teaching rooms, an amphitheatre, a coworking space, a FabLab, modular rooms and offices.

The reception, exchange and meeting areas have a central place in the project, and are designed to adapt to the evolution of the school's capacities.

To ensure optimal thermal, visual and acoustic comfort inside, optimisation work was carried out using digital simulations (Design Builder software).

A blue ribbon has been imagined as a guideline for the project. Like a dialogue between the place, the school and its values, the blue shade traces a path in each space of the building.

To take full advantage of the benefits of nature in the city, outdoor spaces in the garden extend the working environment and encourage interaction between learners and openness to the outside world.

... and open to the city

This innovative project will contribute to making the Ile-de-France region the AI capital of Europe. The Cachan Campus is being reinvested with new teaching structures, in rehabilitated existing buildings. In addition to the existing student residences and facilities, it will also host housing and services. The whole Campus is the subject of a global urban project and will be open to the city with new accesses and crossed by soft modes of transport.

July 2020
Contract signed
October 2020
Work permit submitted
December 2020
Start of construction
August 2021
Delivery date
September 2021
Opening of the school
01 / 05

Bart x Patriarche DB

Campus Aivancity is a programme designed and built by the Patriarche group. The agility and transparency of the design (Patriarche architects and engineers), property development (Bart) and construction (Patriarche DB, the general construction entity) teams ensure that the project is always conducted in close collaboration with the client. A turn-key mission from space planning to delivery and installation of the furniture was also carried out by Myah, a subsidiary of Patriarche.

An open dialogue was immediately established between the parties involved with the aim of jointly constructing a flexible, innovative and attractive real estate offer, but also of guaranteeing, on a permanent basis, an optimal quality of services for the project.

Reuse of materials

For this rehabilitation operation, Patriarche DB proposed to its client a voluntary approach to reuse building materials prior to demolition. In this process, it relied on its partner Mobius, which is involved in limiting waste and the intelligent consumption of material and energy resources, thus offering a new perspective on the act of building. Two days of collaborative waste disposal were organised and supervised by the Mobius teams. On site, 9 associations collected the equivalent of €21,000 worth of new materials.

Energy rehabilitation

The 2005 building (predating the French RT 2012 thermal regulations) had a D label in terms of energy consumption. The rehabilitation involved improving the building's energy performance by seeking bioclimatic optimisation and by improving the efficiency of the technical systems: a multi-energy distribution system, new double-flow air handling units with heat recovery for an output of over 80%, efficient lighting equipment (presence detection, dimming according to time and light intensity, etc.).